From Cambridge, UK, I have loved music for as long as I can remember starting in radio shows in Cambridge and spending my adult life DJ'ing

Through my work at all types of venues and events, concentrating on weddings for the last 10 years I have dealt with all kinds of music and had events where there was no playlist or pre planned music at all where it was up to me to make the party through to one where every single track, for the entire night, was timed to a schedule!  I don't expect that (but its up to you). 


Most clients are happy to leave the choice of music to me - others have favorites that they really want me to play on the night and some they really don’t ! "My job is to play the music you want!" I can mix your choices together with the music I know makes people dance.


I was the DJ of choice for the five biggest destination wedding planners on the Island of Crete for eight years before moving to the Algarve.  They chose me to undertake their weddings and parties because I get people dancing whatever the crowd.  Now I am bringing the same level of professionalism to destination weddings in the Algarve and of course the FUN !!!

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